China : Clinical Tests for Ceragem Thermal Massager Equipment Now Complete 2007.09.12

Clinical Tests for Ceragem Thermal Massager Equipment Now Complete
Proven Safety and Effectiveness for 7 Types of Ailments

The company’s Chinese Corporation carried out clinical tests for the ‘Ceragem Master’ in 5 locations (including Beijing, Tianjin, and Jinlin) from September 6th 2006 to December 31st.
The tests titled ‘random/comparative/polycentric clinical tests for high blood pressure/diabetes/constipation/lumbar/slipped discs/chronic fatigue syndrome’ performed by the renowned ‘Chinese National Medical Research Institution’ proved that the Ceragem Master was effective and safe for the 7 ailments mentioned above.
These clinical tests were significant in that they proved the effectiveness of the company’s products scientifically through the institution with public trust and they received a lot of attention from the Chinese medical community.

Firstly, a research paper was written by Prof. Jiang Young, Prof. Dong Bok Hye and other experts from the Beijing region in last April. 10 medical journals such as the ‘Clinical observations on treating constipation with spinal Chiropractry’ put significant weight on researching the safety and effectiveness of the Ceragem Master, and positive result was published by the ‘Chinese Physiognomy’ in May.

Moreover, an academic conference on spinal ailments was held on the 19th and 20th of May concerning the clinical trials for Ceragem and the Chinese Corporation invited the press to announce the clinical results on spinal ailments on the 2nd of June. Such findings were reported twice by CCTV news, signifying their importance to the Chinese medical community. 

Behind the Chinese Corporation’s attempt to attain official clinical results were years of clinical observations by chiropractors. Researchers who had long observed the effect of thermal massagers on back related ailments showed a particular interest in the clinical trials and Prof. Dong Bok Hye from the physiognomy department at the ‘Chinese Public Medical Science Institution’ helped speed up the research process by serving as a standing advisor of clinical trials.

The Chinese Corporation noted that these certified clinical trials would help increase the technological competitiveness of Ceragem. It also stated that it would make further efforts to create a diagnostics standard for the 5 types of ailments proved by the clinical tests and make continuous improvements so that it could eventually become a national standard.


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