Ceragem Chairman Lee Whan-seong selected for an economic mission for President Par..   2014-03-21  
  Ceragem Group New President Lee Wang-gu Inaugurated Officially   2014-02-17  
  Ceragem Holds Global Business Strategy Conference to Gain Momentum for New Growth   2014-02-10  
  India visit of Global Ceragem Chairman Lee Hwan Seong as a national guest with Pre..   2014-02-07  
  Ceragem CEO Lee Whan-seong Selected as Business leader for Economic Mission to Ind..   2014-01-10  
  Ceragem Vice President, Lee Wang-gu received a presidential award at the 50th Ann..   2013-12-05  
  [BAO PHAP LUAT, Info TV] Interview with Ceragem CEO Lee Whan-seong   2013-09-10  
  Outsting Distributors from Russia Visit Ceragem Main Headquarters   2013-08-30  
  CEO, Mr. Lee, Whan-seong, will visit China with President Park, Geun-hye on a trad..   2013-06-26  
  Power of Trial Marketing 쪪eragem Medical Device Fascinates The World.   2013-05-30  
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